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This page contains add-on files for Virtual Sailor, to install them do the following:

  • Open the windows explorer.
  • Locate the directory where Virtual Sailor is installed.
  • Take the add-on file you download from this page and put it inside the Virtual Sailor directory.
  • Run the add-on file by double clicking on it in the windows explorer.
  • Press OK to start the unzip of the file, then press Unzip, then OK at the end on unzip.
  • Start Virtual Sailor and start using the add-on scenery or boat.
See detailed instructions here

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The Venus Author: Adam Galazka
"Venus is clasic polish yaht from 80s
In her times she was the fastes boat on Mazury Lakes. She is my personal favorite I sail Venus

- Full interior
-outboard engine
- centerboard

This Venus is a bit defferent then clasic Venus.. The back end of the boat is specialy designed
to make work with the outboard and rudder much easer (you know what I want to say:)

Have fun!!!."

This ship was beautifully created by Adam Galazka

Download ( 0.6 MB )  

The Optimist Author: Adam Galazka
"The Optimist Class is very wall known boat type and the smollest international klass:) (over 100.000 boats in the world)
Constructor is Clark Mills - USA (1947)
It's small, cheap boat, good for 4 - 15 year old kids.
Everybody knows it and I hope loves it ( Who hasen't sailed Optimist???) Lots of fantastic skippers started their sailing
adventures on this one.

The vs version is very fun to sail and in my opinion more chalenging
then Omega class. You must work on the balst and rudder to keep the
cours. It's fun - good for light winds. + you can "row" (there is a very
week "engine" instaled."

This ship was beautifully created by Adam Galazka

Download ( 0.6 MB )  

The Omega Author: Adam Galazka
The Omega is a popular 20 ft sailboat used for sports and recreation in lakes and in shore.

This ship was beautifully created by Adam Galazka

Download ( 0.7 MB )  

The Mak-606 Author: Adam Galazka
"Mak 606 is a small inland yaht.
It was created in ‘60, has 16,5 m2 of sail.
It takes 5 man.
The boat is one of polish yahting legends – many polish sailors lerned to sail on this one
It brings back memories of fantastic adventures in Mazury :)
The painting and interior is just identical with mr Piskoz boat that I used to rent…
I seppouse the boat is a must for all polish vs users (if there are any left…)
And a very good (and very, very detalied) addon for all the others."

Adam Galazka

This ship was beautifully created by Adam Galazka

Download ( 0.3 MB )  

The Dz Author: Adam Galazka
"The Dz class was created in 1943 or 1948 by a german constructor Gustav Thomat.
First DZ sailed in Poland in 1950.
She was designed as a boat for Kriegsmarine shools or as a big rescue boat on large ships (?!), but it was soon forgoten in Germany…I think that the only DZ left are in Poland.
There are only 12 left!
Generaly it’s a boat for day (mainly inland) sailing.
Wall I think that big water is posible but who would like to spend a night on a open deck boat? It was (and is) a boat for strong fighters (I know that someone saild it from Poland to Sweden)

The Dz is Mazury Lakes Legend and a ship that all Polish sailors love…"

Adam Galazka

This ship was beautifully created by Adam Galazka

Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Silhoette Author: Bob shave
The Silhoette is a 17ft 2 berth cruiser, created by Bob shave
Download ( 0.5 MB )  

Victoire 22 Author: Edwin de Ruiter
The Victoire 22 is the first polyester sailing boats built in the Netherlands (1961). It was a very succesful boat, in the Netherlands and in Germany. They made a total of 1500 boats.

This beutiful and detailed boat was created by Edwin de Ruiter

Download ( 1.0 MB )  

AS_29 Author: Richard SantaColoma
The beautiful AS_29 is a classic boat with beutifull interior and exterior, beutifully created by Richard SantaColoma
Download ( 0.25 MB )  

Wescat Author: Wessel Klompmaker

The Wescat is a fun and elegant catamaran, this boat was created by Wessel Klompmaker

Download ( 0.35 MB )  

Caneton Author: Francisco de Miguel

The Caneton is a beutiful small dighy.
created by Francisco de Miguel

Download ( 0.25 MB )  

Hallberg Rassy 42 Author: Juergen Klemp
The Hallberg Rassy 42 constructed by Olle Enderlein.

The Hallberg-Rassy 42 was built during 1980 - 1991, A total of 255 hulls were built.

This is a classic yacht with great level of detail, beautifully created by Juergen Klemp

Download ( 0.75 MB )  

The Scalar 36 DS Author: Juergen Klemp
"The Scalar 36 DS is a famous Ship of today.
Built by shipyard Henningsen u. Steckmest, Kappeln/Schlei Germany.
Constructed by Rolf Steckmest, who had constructed many
very good boats.
I laid with my ships about 25 years in the
shipyard with excellent service.
I have made the Scalar 36 DS as a little thank to Rolf Steckmest."

Juergen Klemp

This fantastic yacht was created by Juergen Klemp

Download ( 0.65 MB )  

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