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About Rocket Simulator

Rocket Simulator was created by Ilan Papini, version 1.0 released on August 2015.

Rocket Simulator was inspired by rocket attacks I have witnessed during the past decades in Israel and at my hometown of Haifa.

In 1991, improved Scud-B rockets were launched from Iraq at Israel, Coming at over mach 11 there were no weapons that could intercept them, despite lauching Patriot missiles at them most hit populated areas.

In 2006, thousands of rockets were lauched from Lebanon at the north of Israel, again no weapons existed that could intercept them and most hit populated areas.

Then, in 2014, the situation was changed, thousands of rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza but this time most were intercepted and only few hit populated areas.

This achievement was made possible by the development of Iron Dome which is an air defense system developed by Rafael designed to intercept short-range rockets.

As an aeronautical engineer I was amazed at the success of Iron Dome and wanted to explore the way it worked, For this purpose I have created Rocket Simulator.

I hope that this program will become popular and fun and that it will inspire people to know more about how missile systems work.

Ilan Papini

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Rocket Simulator news

5/08/15 Version 1.0 of Rocket Simulator is available, download from Update Section

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