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About Robot Simulator

Robot Simulator is a complete virtual environment in which simple robots can be built, programmed and tested.

Robot Simulator is unique among other simulators because it is very simple to use and  intuitive, this makes it an excellent educational tool and an excellent starting point for building and programming robots.

The program contains a basic set of robots, components and tutorials that allow the novice user to learn how to solve simple challenges and to get a hands on experience without the need to buy expensive electronic components, or to deal with the details of electronics and wiring.

The programming language used in Robot Simulator is a subset of BASIC, this simple language is explained on the tutorials that come with the program and abundantly on the web.

Robot Simulator uses ODE physics engine created by Russel Smith, DirectX9.0c and Speech API 5.1 created by Microsoft.

I hope that my humble effort in making this program will provide hours of fun to the creative individuals who use this program and allow them to make interesting robots and test them in virtual environment.

Copyright Ilan Papini 2012

Robot Simulator Screen shots

Simple Rocket

Car with Laser

LED Table

Robot Spider

Laser Target

Smart Tank

Robot Simulator news

17/02/13 Version 2.1 of Robot Simulator is available, download from Update Section

15/02/13 The XYZ Table addon is available, download from Download Section

28/01/13 Additional SkyBox addon packs are available, download from Download Section

25/01/13 Version 2.0 of Robot Simulator is available, download from Update Section

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