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DTM Matrix Editor tool

The Matrix Editor tool is used load a binary DTM matrix produced by 3DEM as a binary signed integer, and edit it accurately, this enables to faltten an area to place runways in it, and also carve shapes or make mountaines in it.

The tool then saves the matrix as binary matrix allowing the program to read it as usual.

The Matrix Reader tool is used to convert a binary DTM matrix to dtm.bmp and also saves the scenery.ini for it, this tool is useful if you like to convert a DTM scenery to tile based scenery.

The exported dtm.bmp is projected accurately according to the geographic coordinates found in the matrix header file.

Download the Matrix editor and reader tools from MF download Zone.

DTM Scenery design tool

DTM Scenery design tool is a freeware written by Ilan Papini for editing DTM based scenery, this tool is a powerful GIS enabled tool which makes scenery design easy and intuitive.

The tool making roads, arrays and objects on top of a picture or map, and exports them to objects.txt file which Micro Flight loads and uses for placing objects accurately in the scenery.

The procedure for loading a project is :

1. Open project, this will load the topo.bmp, and matrix.hdr now the topo.bmp is geo referenced.

2. If you have a map or aerial photo of the area, load it using the Load GeoRef icon.

3. Now Calibrate the map or photo using the Calibrate button, you need some points on the map, at least two.
and enter the coordinates there, so the photo will be calibrated.

4. Now objects and roads can be created visually.

5. Now, you can select each object and set properties for it,

6. Now export the project, to objects.txt file, and also save it.

Download the Monterey project so you can see how it looks using a calibrated map.

Download Scenery Design tool from MF Downloads Zone.

Scenery design tool

The Scenery design tool is a freeware written by Ilan Papini for editing tile based scenery, this tool consists of three forms:

  • Object editor, used to edit the obj.bmp file and place tiles on it.
  • Tile editor, used to edit [p###.def ] files and show objects in them.
  • texture editor, used to edit the texture.bmp file and assign textures to the scenery.

The tool uses simple mouse control:

  • Drag and drop to move objects from the toolbar to the map.
  • Press left mouse button to pan the map.
  • Press right mouse button to zoom the map in or out.
Download Scenery Design Tool from MF Downloads Zone

To convert 3DS files to X files format used on MF, use conv3ds converter by Microsoft

Download the Conv3ds File from MF Downloads Zone.